If you’re accepting payment by credit card on your website, you’re required to keep that sensitive data secure. In this short video series, we’ll cover how PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards impact your small business, the hazards of non-compliance, and when and where to get help with the process. By the end of this five video series, you will be competent in the basics of PCI compliance for your small business.

How PCI affects small businesses

The world is full of modern myths that can trick you into believing that you’re immune from PCI compliance. Learn the real facts.

Ready to get PCI Compliant?

How to know which PCI questionnaire you need to complete

It’s a veritable nightmare! SAQ-C? No! SAQ-E? No! SAQ-A? Maybe, but probably not … We’ll tell you, plain and clear, which one you need to complete.

What happens if you ‘fail’ on PCI compliance?

To misquote Yoda “There is no fail.” Failure is unacceptable, like driving without a license. Let us help you know how to pass.

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What is the easiest way to achieve full PCI compliance?

This is good news. There are ‘service providers’ who will take almost all of the burden off your shoulders. Learn all about it.

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Which parts of PCI compliance can you hand off to third parties?

Learn which PCI security requirements you can outsource and which companies can help.

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