Active-e v10 (Pro)
Subscribe here $120/month

Active-e v10 (Core)
Subscribe here $180/month

Active-e v10 (Secure)
Subscribe here $270/month

Education and support (tickets and email)
Rapid SSL Included
Telephone Support

Basic Services

Hosted securely behind a firewall
Anti-virus protection
Database hosted on a separate server
Default vendor password removal
Kept always up to date
Application is PCI (PA-DSS) certified
Modify the cosmetic look of your store
Featured products on your homepage
"Sign Up" promo box
Mega Menu
Install Google Uni. Analytics w/eCom tracking

PCI mandatory security services

PCI Req. (11c) Intrusion Detection/Prevention
PCI Req. (11d) File Integrity Monitoring
PCI Req. (10 a - d) Collaborative logging & alerting
PCI Req. (11a) Vulnerability Scanning, internal/ext.
PCI Req. (11b) Penetration Testing, internal & external
PCI Req. (6d) Web Application Firewall

Online Marketing services

Range of eCom services (webinars & articles)
Help with completing PCI questionnaire
Daily eCommerce hints and tips
Daily backups (more frequently on request)
New hand-crafted customer email notifications
Use of DotFeed portal
Use of Google Product Feed
Use of Bing Product Feed
Abandoned cart reporting
Order Export facility
Support ‘with Vortx Experts' over live-chat



By subscribing to Active-e Core, or Active-e Secure, all the difficult, technical parts of PCI compliance will be taken off your plate. Your annual PCI form will have just 22 questions. Please review our matrix here

Otherwise? Your annual PCI form has 327 questions!

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