Active-eCommerce: Switch to v10 (for existing users)

Includes an upgrade and a great new mobile-friendly look

Active-e v10 Features:

  • Mobile-friendly store templates
  • Efficient, modern checkout
  • Easy, updated admin console
  • Responsive - Bootstrap framework
  • Always up to date! 
Price: $699.00
hosting costs.
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New, simpler on-boarding: What happens?

It is anticipated that this process can be completed inside a week. Let's get started ...

  • All your data is carefully migrated
  • A new 'look' is created, using your own logo and content
  • The 'look' and your data are combined into a staging site
  • Social media icons are set up
  • Choose featured elements for homepage
  • No disruption for your shoppers
  • Have all your questions answered

And if, at the end of the week, you need more help with the way the new store looks or behaves, we will introduce an expert to help with your design needs.

Pre-built responsive templates - take your pick!

Have more questions? Contact us!